A Third of Homeowners Looking Again Within a Year!

by | Feb 14, 2019

I was surprised to read research that showed 34% of UK house buyers have searched again for a home within a year of moving in, with 7% doing so in the first month.

The study was carried out by leading windows furnishing company Thomas Sanderson who asked nearly 2,500 homeowners. Each had moved into their home within the last five years and had lived there for at least two years.

Just one in six of the respondents (16%) said they were completely happy in their new home with 30% saying they were moderately happy. 20% claimed they were moderately unhappy and 13% said they were very unhappy.

When asked if they had looked for a new property, either online or in person, within a year of moving into their new home, 34% admitted they had. The top five reasons respondents gave were:

1. They wanted to know what else they could have bought for the price – 22%
2. They regretted buying their home – 20%
3. They wanted to relocate – 18%
4. They felt they had made a mistake – 15%
5. They felt they could no longer afford the property – 14%

19% of respondents said they were actually looking to buy another property, rather than just looking, within a year of their purchase of a new home.

The lesson seems to be if you are considering buying a new home take your time and don’t rush into it.

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