Gloves Off as OntheMarket Challenges Rightmove!

by | Feb 28, 2020

I would like to say at the very outset that we are happy to use both of these portals to help our clients sell their homes. Nevertheless, there has been some interesting ‘interaction’ between the two!

Relative newcomer OntheMarket (OtM) is defiantly on the offensive and strongly criticised its rival in economic terms.

Rightmove clearly has more estate agents as clients, 16,347 to OtM’s 12,530. However, OtM claim that their agents are charged an average of £331 per month which they believe is less than a third of Rightmove’s average monthly charge.

OtM also claim that Rightmove are producing fewer leads for agents than they used to. In 2015, Rightmove produced 210 leads per month for agents while OtM managed only 23. By last year, though, Rightmove were averaging 170 leads per month compared to OtM’s 88, which they claim rose to 126 in January this year.

OtM estimate that Rightmove’s leads work out at 16 per £100, whilst OtM’s are 27 per £100.

In my book, there are pros and cons for both companies. At the end of the day, I am happy to utilise whatever means necessary to get the best prices for my clients and keep them satisfied.

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