Government ‘How To’ Guides Published for Buying and Selling Homes

by | May 21, 2019

Despite what you may have seen and heard recently, it seems the Government is still capable of carrying out some of its regular duties.

I was pleased to see that this includes a couple of new official ‘How To’ guides relating to buying and selling residential properties in England and Wales.

The two guides include useful jargon-busting glossaries of some of the most important technical and legal terms that buyers and sellers will come across.

Both guides have mirrored topics and also include advice on preparing to move and post-move problems. Other topics covered include:

• Differences between freehold and leasehold
• Referrals
• Searches
• Appointing a legal representative
• Negotiating
• Exchanging contracts and paying a deposit
• The completion process

Many Estate Agents have called for straightforward official guides from the Government and I am pleased to see that they have finally arrived. I am sure that all consumers will find their advice useful.

They can be accessed here:

How to Buy a Home

How to Sell a Home

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