Housing Secretary Announces Green Planning Revolution

by | Sep 28, 2019

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrik has announced plans for a new green standard for newly built homes as well as consultation on changes to the planning system.

The Future Homes Standard proposes that fossil fuel heating systems, including gas-fired boilers, will be banned from all newly built homes from 2025. Clean technology will be promoted instead, such as air source heat pumps and cutting edge solar panels, with the aim of cutting carbon emissions by up to 80%.

The advantage to the home owner will be potential savings on their energy bills as improvements such as better wall insulation and modern heating systems reduce the costs of keeping a house warm.

A new national design code has also been proposed which will require every local authority to produce a unique design guide reflecting the setting, character and history of their area.

There will also be an ambitious revamp of planning rules to try and simplifying the system. The aim is to benefit all planning applicants, from house builders proposing extensive new housing developments to the individual homeowner seeking to extend or modify their own home.

The associated green paper is expected to be published in November this year.

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