How a Good Estate Agent Can Speed Up a Sale

by | Aug 19, 2019

I have heard recently that house sales are taking increasingly long times to go through, up to six months in some cases.

Why does this happen with the supposed improvements in technology?

Shouldn’t they have caused the process to speed up?

In theory, yes, but as with so many things, the human factor is where the theory breaks down.

Here are just some ways that a sale may be delayed:

• The seller has not instructed a solicitor or even started looking for a property before accepting an offer.
• The purchaser has not started thinking about arranging a mortgage before making an offer.
• Neither party’s solicitor appear to have an incentive to effect a quick sale.

Unfortunately, some estate agents can add to the delays. Once a purchaser has been found, some agents consider their job done and have a tendency to ‘go missing’ when difficult questions need answering.

A good estate agent, however, will ensure that he keeps in regular contact with both the buyer and seller. In many ways the agent is the oil in the machine of a property transaction.

An example is when the contract has been sent out. It does not take much effort for the agent to call the other party’s solicitor a day or two later to check that it has been safely received.

Moving house is well recognised as a stressful business. If the agent is able to maintain regular contact with all parties concerned and provide feedback then that stress will be reduced and the process may actually be speeded up.

At Farr & Farr we consider this to be all part of the service.

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