how accurate are online valuation tools

by | Sep 28, 2020

I realise that most home owners are interested in knowing what their property is worth, whether they are intending selling or not. In the past the answer would be to ask your local estate agency to pop round and provide a valuation. There is a new trend, however, when it comes to valuing property.

The rise of the online valuation has been relentless. There are now numerous websites that promise to provide you tools to give an accurate valuation of your home. But how accurate are they?

Typically these sites all use data from the Land Registry although many also incorporate information from estate agent’s own databases. Needless to say there are plenty of bells and whistles in evidence.

The problem is that while these sites are easy to use and their instant results are appealing, they can also be worryingly inaccurate and lead to totally unrealistic expectations.

Whilst it is true that some factors can be used to accurately compare properties, such as square footage, number of bedrooms and location, there are plenty of other factors that need to be considered which are not evaluated by these sites. 

Farr & Farr are the longest established independent estate agent operating in Gloucestershire, since 1982. During that time we have established our own personalised database of property information that we believe is second to none in the county. 

Because of this our local professional property experts can provide you with a realistic, accurate online valuation. 

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