The Perfect Viewing

by | Jan 18, 2018

I am often asked if there is a perfect method of showing prospective purchasers around a property. Each individual person and property is different, of course, but here are the three basic steps that I use:

1. Make planning the key. I always do my research well in advance as understanding the needs of the purchaser and the attributes of the property is crucial. I try and predict the questions I am going to be asked such as why the owners are selling, how long the property has been on the market and what the local schools are like. Understanding exactly what the viewers are looking for is important too so I check what other properties they have looked at. Finally I always aim to get to the property early so I can have a scout round in case anything unexpected needs to be dealt with.

2. First impressions count for a lot. I have seen research to the effect that people make up their minds about a property within the first 30 seconds of arriving. This means I always start a viewing in the best room of the property. I have a rough route of how I intend showing the people round the property but am aware that this has to be adaptable. The viewer must not feel forced or rushed. There are simple things that can help such as showing the bedrooms starting with the smallest so that the largest is viewed last and given due emphasis. I always aim to finish the viewing in the room I started in and then give the viewers the opportunity to look round again without my guidance.

3. Look and listen. I think it is important to listen to the comments as people view the property and to try to look through their eyes. Even if they are not going to purchase, it is possible to pick up feedback, good or bad, to discuss with the owner later. Any questions should be answered promptly and I always make a time to call to follow up their visit and get their thoughts. If they decide not to proceed this is an ideal opportunity to suggest other properties that might be suitable.

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