Thinking Of Selling

Realistic and Accurate Valuation

We know that you want to know the value of your home in today’s market and an idea of how long it is likely to take to sell. You’ve come to the right place!
As we have been in business since 1982, we know the Gloucester market inside out.
We have the knowledge to provide you with what you want; an accurate, honest and realistic valuation of your home. In addition we will give you detailed marketing advice and explain how we will market your home to ensure it gets maximum exposure.

No Contract Tie-in and No Minimum Term

You will find that some agents expect you to give them sole selling rights and to sign a contract committing to them for a period of up to 16 weeks.
If you choose to ask us to sell your home, we will not require you to sign a contract committing to us being your sole agents for a minimum period simply because we have absolute confidence in our ability to sell it.
This also helps you if you feel you want put your property on the market for just a couple of weeks to see if you can achieve a quick sale.

Marketing Your Property

In the modern market we know it is not enough to put up a For Sale sign and sit back waiting for the phone to ring. We believe in pro-active marketing and will employ the various methods that modern technology has provided us with to promote your home. This will include making property details available:

  • on all major online portals
  • on our own website
  • in the local press
  • sending emails and post to our extensive list of active purchasers
  • to mobile browsers

We will keep you fully informed of all interest in the property and update you with any feedback from potential purchasers.